Booking Conditions & privacy policy:

It is mandatory for you to read and accept all the terms and conditions of Punjab Airways before confirming and booking your air tickets.

Passenger Details:

While booking travel ticket, it is your responsibility to make sure that your First Name & Last Name is spelled correctly according to your Passport Details. Because if you make mistakes during ticket booking and the ticket get issued, then there will be penalty or additional cost which you have to pay for corrections. All the tickets are non-transferable. It is passenger’s responsibility to ensure that you have given the correct travel dates, origin and destination details. So that the correct ticket could be produced.

Date Changes:

If you require to make changes in your travel ticket, you may have to pay an additional cost subject to the availability of seats, fair difference and tax difference according to the airline rules. To re-issue your ticket with changes the charges may occur up to $150 as a admin fees. In this case of making changes, you have to inform us 48 hours before (on week days) the original travel dates so that you could get benefits.


All the tickets with the special fares are non-refundable and cancellation charges can be up to 100% of your fare. Infant tickets are non-refundable.


Punjab Airways charge a fee of $150 as admin charges. For you to make a refund request for which you are eligible to get the refund from the airline according to its rules and regulations, the airline will refund the amount after charging the cancellation fee and taxes applicable on the particular airfare.Here, when you put a refund request, it can take up to 9 weeks from request submitted.


The ticket fares are not guaranteed until your ticket is fully paid, as you will see each minutes, a new fare get occurred. And you have to plan immediately that which date and fare suits your budget. Once you book a ticket, you have to pay the exact amount through any source, bank transfer, credit cards or debit cards or even you can pay in by cash at our office. If you pay by bank transfer, then ticket will be issued only after payment received into the bank account of Punjab Airways. It is your responsibility to inform us through call or email regarding the payment via bank deposit or electronic transfer so that we could issue you the confirmed ticket.

Cross Check:

All the airlines reserve the right to cancel the flights anytime or they can change the scheduled departure time. Once you book your ticket, it is mandatory for you to cross check your flight status by making call to the airlines or by contacting Punjab Airways before 72 hours prior to departure. If you book a ticket for multiple airlines, then you may be applicable for the transit visa because few countries do not allow some passports according to their immigration rules.So before booking your ticket you have to make sure that you have proper visa because once you book your ticket, it will not be transferred, as there may be some extra charges for route change and date change according to the seat and date availability.

Special Assistance:

Please advise Punjab Airways or airline 72 hours from the scheduled departure for all your special assistance. It is your duty to contact Punjab Airways or airline for on the spot assistance booking.

Seat Preferences:

It is more important for you to know that there is no pre seat selection for any of the airlines we work like Malaysian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airline, Emirates, Air India, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines, and Lufthansa etc.If you want to reserve the seat according to your choice, either you have to visit airport in advance so that you could easily get the seat of your choice during check-in or you will have to pay extra charges for seat selection because few airlines charge extra cost for choice seats.

Passport and Visa:

Here, it is your responsibility to confirm that your passport is valid for at-least six months at the time of travelling because most of the countries do not allow the passenger to enter their borders if his passport is closed to get expire. So make sure that you are travelling with a passport having more than six month’s validity. Because we as Punjab Airways will not be responsible if you stuck there on the immigration counter with a passport having less than six months validity, as we do not deal with any type of immigration helpor any incompletion of travel documents. Therefore, while travelling abroad, you should have proper visa and re-entry permit of that country you are travelling by air because some countries demand entry permits and visas for both Australian as well as Non- Australian citizens. If you visit any country or talking via route which requires transit visa and in that case you fails to show the visa or entry permit, Punjab Airways will not be responsible for such cases, as we just book air tickets and it is passenger’s responsibility to collect all the required documents like valid passport, visas, insurance etc. during travelling.

Health Requirements:

The passengers who have to travel by air, will be responsible for their health issues, as if they need any special assistance, they have to inform the airline before the departure of the flight. If you are suffered with any particular health issue, then it is mandatory that you are carrying the required vaccinations and proper health reports along with you before boarding the flight.


If Punjab Airways takes any action to enforce the Terms and Conditions, it will be entitled to recover from you and you agree to pay all legal fees, expenses and any cost of litigation, in addition to any other relief, at law or in equity, to which such parties may be entitled. I agree that the above dates and time of my reservation are correct. My name is as it appears on my passport. I am aware of all fare rules and regulations. I must reconfirm my flights 72 hours prior to departure.

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